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Risk Notification

Any investment activity, especially when it is related to binary trading, has a certain degree of risk, namely:

1. Technological risks associated with incorrect operation of power systems, failures when connecting to the Internet, other possible malfunctions in the equipment;

2. Market risks that arise when conducting trading transactions. Unfavorable changes in quotations, sudden unpredictable impact of external economic factors on the market, and insufficient trading experience can cause losses;

3. Operational risks that lead to a delay in order execution. Such situations are not uncommon during periods of low market liquidity or dynamic changes in quotations;

4. Force majeure situations arising during the world economic crises, terrorist attacks, natural and man-made disasters, violent change of power, and other factors that have a negative impact on market processes.

5. There are other risks that affect the outcome of trading operations and, as a result, lead to the loss of possible profits.

6. The terms and conditions of our company may conflict with the legal provisions of some states. We recommend you to stop using our service if they violate the laws of your country of residence. Furthermore, the company does not work with customers who have citizenship of the United States, North Korea, and Iran.

When registering on the websites, the customers are obliged to accept this “Risk Notification”, be prepared for any adverse development of the situation, and risk only those amounts of money, the loss of which will not affect the overall financial condition. When conducting trading operations independently, it is necessary to obtain theoretical knowledge and practical experience that will help to adequately respond to sudden changes in the market situation.

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