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Terms and conditions

Website use

1. Only persons who have reached the age of majority are allowed to register on the website (according to the legislation of their country of residence). In some cases, the company has the right to demand to provide documents that will help to establish the age and identity of the user.

1.1. The company also reserves the right to stop providing the services or make any changes at any time without prior notice to its customers and partners.

1.2. It is the responsibility of the user to take all measures to ensure the security of his/her personal information. In particular, the participant undertakes not to disclose to third parties the password, identification data and other information, the loss of control over which may lead to account hacking and unauthorized withdrawal of funds, as well as cause other damage to the customer and the company. Violation of this provision may result in blocking the account and inability to use the website to generate income in the future.

1.3. According to the rules of this website, one user can have only one account in the system. If the company administration detects a violation of this rule, all user's multi-accounts (along with his/her finances) will be permanently frozen.

1.4. The minimum deposit amount is $10, while the maximum amount is $1500 at a time. The number of deposits is not limited.

1.5. All withdrawal requests are processed within 72 hours, manually (to secure investor's personal data and funds). Most frequently it takes no more than a few hours to process applications and make payments on them.

1.6. The company does not charge an additional fee for the deposit/withdrawal of money. You may be charged a fee by the EPS with the help of which you make transactions.

1.7. Personal data of all website users is protected by SSL-certificate and SSL-encryption. Furthermore, the company uses software that effectively resists DDoS attacks and attempts to gain illegal access to confidential information. The company undertakes to take all measures to ensure the maximum safety of the customer.

1.8. Esso Millanni INC values its impeccable reputation and guarantees high quality and uninterrupted operation of all services of our website, as well as timely accruals and payment of dividends to all customers and partners.


Legal information

2. For security purposes, information about the founders, licenses, registration documents of the company is not publicly available. The company keeps anonymity of activity and does not disclose data of users to the third parties. This provision is essential to ensure the reliability of financial activities.

2.1. According to the corporate legislation of SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES BUSINESS COMPANIES REGULATIONS, 2008, the register of shareholders and directors is closed. Information is provided only by court order. Only information about the authorized capital of the company and its legal address is available to third parties.

2.2. The present company Logo was officially registered under the trademark of EssoMillanni.


Intellectual property rights

3. All materials used on the website, including informational articles, training materials, software, design, etc., are subject to protection under the provisions of the Intellectual property law, Copyright law, and other international laws.


Placing links on our website

4. Links to our website may be placed in cases that do not contradict the current legislation. After that, the additional demand is made. The use of links should not cause financial, reputational or other damage to our company, and their placement should not make the impression of any form of cooperation, if the facts about this cooperation are not available.




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