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Program for representatives

In order to get high fee (compared to the Partner fee) for the program where official representatives of our company take part, you do not need to register a legal entity and open an office in your region. We offer a new type of collaboration, which involves working online and receiving rewards for each profitable forecast of the involved participant. You can automatically accept the title of an official representative. To do this, you need to invite 500 active customers. The amount of your accruals will increase to 4%-3%-2%-1%-0.5% from every profitable trade (from customer of each level). Career growth is generously encouraged and directly supported by the company's management.

A web representative of the company must register on the website and open an account, the replenishment of which is not a prerequisite for cooperation. The account number will be linked to the referral link, which will be used to attract new partners. This link will also help you to track their account in your statistics.

In practice, this happens in the following way: you place promotional materials about our company, providing them with the appropriate referral link. The user who got interested in your message clicks on this link, registers and opens an account. From this moment on, he/she becomes your referral: the technology of cookies will allow you to assign it to you so that each transaction could automatically lead to the transfer of financial reward to your account.

You can independently track the number of your referrals in a special section of your personal account, where you can see all the amounts accrued to you. Moreover, even if the referral did not make a deposit immediately after registration, he/she still remains in your referral group. And if within 6 months after registration, he/she starts his/her investment activity, you will be entitled to receive a certain percentage of each of his/her investments.



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