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Partner Program

Any registered project participant can take part in our Affiliate Program. For our partners we have established special conditions due to which they can get Partner fee for the dissemination of information about our company and attracting new customers.

We offer our partners a wide range of advertising tools, including affiliate links and marketing materials, with the help of which you will be able to interest users and engage them in high-yield investment activities. To conduct an advertising campaign, you can use the social networks, your own website or blog, and specialized forums or video hosting.

Thanks to the affiliate link, partners will be able to track the number of attracted users and transfer certain amounts of rewards to your account. In the personal account, the partner can see all the statistical information about the number of referrals and accrued fees. The Partner fee is calculated depending on the amount of profit that a new participant has gained. All payments are accrued after each new profitable transaction.


Algorithm of participation in the Affiliate Program:

• registration and access to your personal account;

• placement of advertising materials on permitted resources;

• receiving income from each profitable trading operation of the customer attracted by you.


Our advantages:

• Personal Manager, who will provide you with consulting and practical assistance;

• high Partner fee (3%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.25%);

• personal account with static information available online;

• timely payments;

• provision of marketing materials.



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