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Withdrawal policy

For successful withdrawal of funds, our customers need to adhere to the following provisions:

1. Specify all payment details, which belong to them personally;

2. A customer has the right to make a withdrawal using any available payment system;

3. Withdrawal of funds is possible only in the absence of open trading transactions, and the amount of funds withdrawn can not exceed the account balance;

4. Before carrying out transactions on withdrawal of funds, the company has the right to demand to upload a photocopy of the passport to the personal account, verification of which is made by the company's manager manually within 72 hours;

5. The minimum sum of money that may be withdrawn: $500 when withdrawing funds through bank transfer and $1 when withdrawing funds through e-wallets;

6. To withdraw funds, all you need to do is to fill out an application. However, when withdrawing amounts exceeding $100,000, you need to additionally form and sign the Payment Instruction form and upload it to your personal account.

When withdrawing funds, company's customers should bear in mind that all applications are processed manually, which can delay payments. The maximum time of applications processing is up to 72 hours. Furthermore, to ensure security and eliminate fraud, all withdrawals of funds should be carefully checked and analyzed.



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