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Investment agreement

General Terms and Conditions

  • 1. These rules stipulate the main terms defining principles of cooperation between Esso Millanni INC Company (further referred to as “Company”) and investors (further referred to as “Investor”).
  • 2. Opening of the investment account is only possible after the familiarization with the Rules, full consent with each paragraph, and is a confirmation of the obligation to fulfill them.
  • 3. Only Investors who reached legal age are allowed to cooperate with the Company.
  • 4. All Investors have equal rights and responsibilities, as well as opportunities in using all investment services offered by the Company.
  • 5. The Company has a right to make changes or editions to these Rules only after agreement with the Investor.
  • 6. The company is subject to the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and conducts its activities according to the legislative standards of this country.
  • 7. Any controversial or conflict situations which may arise during the cooperation of Company and Investor must be resolved during negotiations of sides, and if necessary, with the use of legislative standards. 


Rights and Responsibilities of the Investor

  • 1. Opening of the investment account suggests unquestioning consent by the Investor with the terms of cooperation mentioned in this section and completion of each paragraph of the current Rules.
  • 2. The Investor has a right to demand from the Company the unconditional fulfillment of responsibilities mentioned in the investment plans and paragraphs of this agreement.
  • 3. The Investor undertakes to comply with the law, including the tax law, of countries of residence and does not take actions, which may result in criminal or administrative proceedings.
  • 4. The Investor undertakes to provide true personal information during registration and if needed, confirm them with documents.
  • 5. The Investor is responsible for the correctness of the payment requisites on which the received dividends are withdrawn. Withdrawal of funds to the incorrectly provided payment requisites are not compensated by the Company.
  • 6. The Investor has a right to become a participant of the Affiliate program and receive remuneration for the activity of attracted participants.
  • 7. The specified partner remuneration is accrued in a form of commission percentage from each investment deposit of attracted participant.
  • 8. Participation in the Affiliate program and attraction of new participants to the project is only allowed with the use of permitted methods of placement the referral link.


Rights and Responsibilities of the Company

  • 1. The Company undertakes to fulfill his responsibilities mentioned in this agreement. In case of non-fulfillment of obligations to the Investor, the Company is responsible according to legislative standards.
  • 2. The Company is responsible for the site performance and all its services, provided to ensure the investment activity.
  • 3. The Company undertakes to accrue and pay dividends in full volume in terms described in the investment plans. 
  • 4. The Company has a right to inform the Investor by sending a message to the e-mail provided during the registrations.
  • 5. The Company owns the copyright to the site, its design, software, and information materials. Copyright violation leads to termination of all agreements and is punishable by law.


Investment Questions

  • 1. The Investment makes an independent decision about cooperation, choice of the investment plan, and amount of deposit.
  • 2. The Investor doesn’t have a right to interfere with the Company's activities and affect decision making.
  • 3. The investment fund of the Company consists of the Company's own funds and total deposits made by Investors.
  • 4. The profit, received in the result of the Company’s activity, is distributed between the Investors according to the amounts of deposits and terms of investment plans.
  • 5. The size of dividends and frequency of their accrual are provided by the investment plans and cannot be changed at the Investor’s wish.
  • 6. After the expiration of the investment plan term, the Investor has an opportunity to independently manage the received profit, including reinvesting it for the second time into the investment plan.
  • 7. The deposit gets frozen on the total period of the investment plan and cannot be returned before the set term.
  • 8. Payments that were made to/from the Investor's account are not retroactive.


Additional Terms

  • 1. Current Rules of the investment agreement may be changed or edited with new paragraphs at any time but only after agreeing with existing Investors and the following notification about their change.



  1. 1. Before you become an investor, you must carefully study all aspects of the investment agreement with the Esso Millanni INC Company, with the purpose of preventing any misunderstandings and conflict situations in the future. After reviewing the agreement, you can open the investment account and receive the status of the official investor.
  3. 2. At the moment of opening the investment account on this website, the user must be legal age. 
  5. 3. You must familiarize yourself in detail with the investment plans of the company, choose the most appropriate one and make a first deposit. 365 days later you shall receive dividends including the deposit, which you can withdraw instantly to any available payment system.
  7. 4. Our site works 7 days a week, without days off or breaks.
  9. 5. It’s forbidden to register multi-accounts on the site. When the fact of multiple registrations is revealed, all accounts of the violator of this paragraph of Rules will be permanently frozen along with the funds on their accounts.
  11. 6. Any registered user can make a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $100,000 (except for the rules of payment systems).
  13. 7. After making a deposit, the transfer of money on the investment account (opening a deposit) occurs instantly.
  15. 8. Dividends become available for withdrawal right after the expiration of the investment plan, except for the profit from the affiliate program.
  17. 9. You may use different wallets for deposits and withdrawals of funds.
  19. 10. The Investors may withdraw profit from their account several hours later from the moment of submission of the relevant request. There are rare exceptions – all requests for withdrawal of funds are processed manually, which is why the period of review of the application, according to regulation, might take up to three days or 72 hours.
  21. 11. The company doesn’t charge commissions or hidden payments. Commission charge for making a transaction may be taken by the payment system in which your wallet is registered.
  23. 12. Any active user of our site can participate in developed by the company affiliate program. Career growth is provided to the representative of the company.
  25. 13. As part of the partner program, the company is ready to cooperate with each registered user of the site.
  27. 14. To become a participant in the Affiliate program, it is not necessary to open the investment account. Dividends can be credited to your account only for attracting new customers of the company.
  29. 15. Affiliate money can be used for the implementation of investment activities or for withdrawal to your electronic wallet (funds are transferred from the partner account to the main account automatically once a month). The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10.
  31. 16. The information about the founder of the Company is not available to the users of the site for safety reasons.
  33. 17. For the protection of personal data of investors of the company, we use special software as well as the system of protection of the site from DDOS attacks. All the information about the participants of our investment projects is encrypted.
  35. 18. The company guarantees timely payments on investment deposits in the volume specified in the investment plans.
  37. 19. This addition towards the investment agreement may be changed or edited with new paragraphs at any time but only with mandatory subsequent notification of the change to the client.



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